April 5, 2006 – 1:59 pm

Cerberus or Kerberos was, according to Greek Mythology was the hound of Hades. Cerberus was a 3 headed dog with a snake for a tail ang guarded the gate to Hades. It was Cerberus’s job to prevent the living from entering or the dead from leaving [Hades].

The map reveleaved to us in the last episode of Lost reads “Possible catastrophic malfunction of cerberus system… but unlikely due to cerberus activity.”

Is Cerberus the name of the security system? What is it guarding?

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  2. Where did the parachute full of food come from and what is up with the Dave dude and the Phsyco lady? They were in the same mental ward as each other… hmmm.. im begining to wonder!

    By Zero Radio on Apr 5, 2006

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