“I Am The Cheese” by Robert Cormier

April 5, 2006 – 9:19 pm

“I am riding the bicycle and I am on Route thirty-one in Monument, Massachusetts, on my way to Rutterburg, Vermont…”

These are the first and last words of Robert Cormier’s book. The end of the book reveals that Adam [the main character] never left the grounds of the mental hospital at which he was residing, but simply rode his bike around the grounds. The journey and story was entirely in his mind. The journey was “a futile attempt to make himself [Adam] believe that his father was still alive, and that he can find him at the end of his journey. Just as Adam reaches the horrifying truth – that his father died, along with his mother – he withdraws, loses his memory again, and becomes infantile. Brint [psychiatrist] suggests that Adam should be killed, or held until he “obliterates,” and when Adam repeats his journey again at the end of the book, it is clear that this will be his obliteration – an ongoing bike trip around the hospital.” [Sparknotes]

This could be one crack-pot theory of whats going on on the island. Is Hurley like Adam? Coping with the results of an accident (which killed people Hurley knew) by creating this island and all its inhabitants in his head? At least one other character is also a patient at the hospital, and all of the people Adam encountered in his journey had counterparts who were also patients in the hospital.

Dave seems to think this is exactly whats happening. (Then again, Dave is imaginary) What do you think?

I highly doubt it, but it is a parallel I noticed. In the meanwhile, I Am The Cheese is a great book which I reccomend you pick up today.

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  2. Haha was just expounding this same theory at work, my colleague googled for the book title and we found your site… I think they’re all in the hospital though, everyone seems to have been driven crazy with guilt after killing someone…

    By Pauly on May 2, 2006

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