Someones Not Telling The Whole Truth

May 3, 2006 – 11:11 pm

Someone is lying.

The film our Losties watched in the Swan Station was copyright 1980.

It included a photo of Alvar Hanso.

The exact same photo of Alvar Hanso appears on

The website claims the photo was taken in 2003.

How is it possible then, that the film was made in 1980?

Either the film strip wasn’t really made then (I know those washer and drier aren’t from 1980) or the website is lying… Chew on that.

Discuss amongst yourselves.

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  1. 5 Responses to “Someones Not Telling The Whole Truth”

  2. Tonight’s New York State Lotto Numbers:

    4, 8, 10, 13, 15, 22

    That’s three out of six right there people.

    By Anonymous on May 4, 2006

  3. Good catch man. I also noticed today that on the new Hanso website, if you click the Exec Bios page, Hanso’s picture date (below the pic) is now a link. Click on it and it’ll map his last known appearances and then Persephone tells you how he hasn’t been seen since 2002. Then the screen flashes stuff like ‘where is he?” and “who’s running this thing?”…. check it out – it’s cool!

    By Anonymous on May 8, 2006

  4. Heh, well, as two of the themes Lost encompasses are time travel and immortality, you’ve got 2 possibilities to pick from!

    By Gary on Mar 30, 2007

  5. I may have just found another clue. If you go to the website, the main page plays some weird, spacy music. If you right click on the page, and select ‘rewind’ the music is replaced by a man saying something about “I have the virus, I can save the world”


    By Matt on Apr 24, 2007

  6. Well it’s not that big of a deal now. We now know about the time travel so you know. I find the time travel just f***s everything up. Like Adam and Eve in season 1. Could be Sun and Jin or Jack and Kate or whoever you know. Maybe Rose and Bernard; They didn’t want to leave the island cause Rose has cancer. It’s just CRAZY now that time travel is an option.

    By Lucas on Jan 27, 2009

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