Theorizing To Pass The Time

January 17, 2007 – 5:58 pm

I for one, love Stephen’s newest interactive tool. I love counting down the days till my favorite television show returns and doing it with such a beautiful tool makes it more enjoyable.

In the meantime, however, I think its appropriate to theorize. The following theory, a favorite of mine is based on minor (certainly not major) spoilers. I did not think of it entirely on my own, but it wasn’t until after I had filled in some holes that I read other people thinking it as well. Spoilers for the upcoming part of season 3 state that;

a). We will be reminded that only a few months have passed.

b). Global events will tie in with something on the island.

The theory is that the implosion of the hatch causes the 2004 Tsunami that devestated the world in December of that year. The time line appears to line up pretty well, it meets the criteria of the spoilers and a magnetic incident this major could cause such a thing. Many have stated it would be too bold for the writers to “fictionalize” the catastrophe of the 2004 Tsunami, but I quite like the theory. The story of LOST has included real life events such as the Red Sox winning the World Series and to ignore an event like the Tsunami (which would likely effect the island) would be a little out of place too me. I’d be suprised if we did not see some sort of ripple effect from the Tsunami on our LOSTies. I think its clear that the implosion of the hatch will most likely be responsible for causing the global connection in the show, and I can’t think of anything else that happened in December of 2004 or anything else which I, as a viewer, would really buy. I look forward to seeing what route they take, and, if these spoilers have any truth to them (which I predict they do). Can’t wait too see how this pans out.

How do you guys feel about this theory? What are your favorite theories for the upcoming part of the season?

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  2. We will definitely be seeing tie-ins with real world events. The Tsunami sounds like a promising one, but the timeline on Lost hasn’t quite gotten up to December 2004 yet.

    In recent interviews with Lost producers it was said that: There will be a big reminder this season that on the island, it’s still November of 2004 and only three months have passed, which will help lead to “a major shakeup coming soon.” (source)

    So my question is, What happened in November 2004? I tried looking at news archives but there were too many. Anybody remember?

    By Steve on Jan 17, 2007

  3. After a scan of the NY Times archives for November 2004 I didn’t find much. The biggest stories would be the death of Yasir Arafat, Palestinian leader; and The Conflict in Iraq, which made the news just about every day of that month. Maybe something to do with Sayid and Iraq will surface.

    I was looking for events that people would actually recall happening, I do hope the tsunami comes into play, however, at the rate the show progresses, I don’t think we’ll be getting to the end of December this season, I also don’t believe the tsunami would have had any direct effects to the Lost Island since it is presumed to be in the Pacific Ocean, but who knows.

    By Steve on Jan 17, 2007

  4. I also think they might use the tsunami. After all, I think it must be almost December in the Lostiverse.. (60+ days should’ve past..)
    It would be kinda weird though.. and i think fictionionalising (is that even a word?) the tsunami would be a little respectless to the victims.
    I really hope they don’t use some Iraqi issue as a big storyline.. you can hear about it in the news almost everyday.. and I’m getting a little ‘bored’ by all the Iraq news.
    Maybe there was some scientific breakthrough early december or something?

    By Bas on Jan 18, 2007

  5. A little more clues to what date it is:

    This season 3 promo’s all say they crashed 65 days ago. Since flight 815 crashed on September 22, season 3 started on November 26.

    In season 3, less than two weeks have passed. Assuming each episode shows just one day, it has been around 6 days. So it should be early december in the Lostiverse now.

    Since each season seems to cover around 30 days, the season could possible end with the tsunami on december 26.

    For more things that happened during december 2004, check this page:

    By Bas on Jan 18, 2007

  6. I see mention of an early December Typhoon but not much else of intrest. Then I got really lazy because that is quite the lengthy list. In the end, I hope something awesome happens. Did any planes or boats dissapear/crash during this time? Maybe the final implosion of the hatch could have brought down a couple planes? I can’t wait!

    By Rob on Jan 18, 2007

  7. There was this: China plane crash kills 54, November 22, 2004.

    By Steve on Jan 18, 2007

  8. stated that the producers have confermed the event is NOT the tsunami.

    By kara on Feb 7, 2007

  9. Kara, if you’re talking about this article, then you’re misinterpreting.

    The tsunami is very much in play, and given that about a day and a half transpire during the average episode, that plops the season finale and right about the sweet spot for the disaster. I don’t see how it could be anything else, and at any other time.

    By TheBookPolice on Feb 22, 2007

  10. correction: that plops the season finale at right about

    By TheBookPolice on Feb 22, 2007

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