Mrs. Oracle?

February 15, 2007 – 4:39 pm
Mrs. Oracle?

First of all, that episode was amazing. We will have a recap entry a little bit later on after we had some time to absorb it all. But the matter I need to discuss involves that mysterious oracle-like lady Desmond encountered when looking for an engagement ring, I will call her Mrs. Oracle.

The big question in my mind is… “Is Jack’s tattoo inquirer (from next week’s promo and Lost Moment 13) the same as Desmond’s Mrs. Oracle?” Look at the pictures and tell me what you think. If it is the same person this opens up a whole new can of worms that I will not get into right now. The episode blew my mind enough! Is she real, smoke-monster, sub-conscious manifestation, Karen DeGroote, gah! Lets figure out if it’s the same person first, discuss in the comments.

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  1. 13 Responses to “Mrs. Oracle?”

  2. hmm… maybe. Time-Space manipulation seems to be becoming a key element to the show. Maybe it’s an older version of the girl Jack will meet? Sent/Went back to ‘correct’ Desmond’s change of heart?

    I find it interesting that “everything changes”, but Mrs. Oracle is trying to convince Desmond that fate rules his decisions. Perhaps Mrs. Oracle/Tattoo Lady are not among the ‘others’, but from their opposing faction instead?

    Nice catch… dunno : )

    By James on Feb 15, 2007

  3. I don’t think it’s the same person. They really look the same, but there are also a lot of differences..

    One thing is for sure.. Mrs. Oracle sure is one scary lady.. I think I will have nightmares about her tonight…

    By Bas on Feb 15, 2007

  4. They look different to me…

    I’d like to publicly welcome Bas to the blogging team! Glad to have you on board Bas. Any fanatics out there who are also interested in writing, email us at

    By Rob on Feb 15, 2007

  5. Even if they’re two different people, who is that tattoo lady, where did she come from, what is she doing there, why haven’t we seen her before… =)

    By Steve on Feb 15, 2007

  6. She could just be hanging around on another part of the island. Cindy is also part of that happy Other’s crew.. so maybe crazy Tattoo Lady is a friend of Cindy? :P

    By Bas on Feb 16, 2007

  7. I was quite excited during my first pass through Flashes, as I quickly came to the same observation.

    A quick Goggle shows that they are not the same person.
    Link with Flashes.. guest Credits:

    Ms. Hawking:

    Link with Stranger… guest Credits:


    By James on Feb 16, 2007

  8. I’m glad we got that straightened out. So Ms. Hawking is her name. Cool. Now we can focus on more pressing issues.

    By Steve on Feb 16, 2007

  9. She looks like DeGroot, Karen.

    By The Flame on Feb 17, 2007

  10. well, i think so, but im not sure because she looks older in the flashback with desmond, and thats a flashback. and wouldnt a flashback make them younger? butjn makeup can do alot! i do see the resemblance, but im not sure.

    By stephanie on Feb 17, 2007

  11. Just wait untill the next episode, I hope she’ll tell who she is. She probably is just another character we don’t know yet.

    By Bas on Feb 18, 2007

  12. How come Jack got a Chinese tattoo in Thailand?

    By Leke on Feb 25, 2007

  13. i loooooooooooooooooooooove lost.and JACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By crystal on Mar 26, 2007

  14. This lady(Miss Oracle) is also seen in a later episode.
    She appears in a picture frame on the desk of Desmond monastery brother.
    The lady and Desmond’s friend are photographed together…

    I am not sure of the name of the episode but it is the one where Desmond joins a monastery and funny enough meets Peneloppe for the first time.

    I thought that was very interesting.


    By anonymous on Jan 3, 2008

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