New Official Lost Podcast

February 23, 2007 – 7:31 pm
New Official Lost Podcast

A new official Lost podcast was just released by ABC. It’s another fun half hour filled with crazy banjo ramblings, an interview with Henry Ian Cusack and some info on the upcoming episodes. The podcast is available on the ABC website, but for those who don’t want to listen to the entire podcast I wrote down some stuff that sounded the most important to me.

- First Damon and Carlton clarified a few things about the last episode ‘Flashes Before Your Eyes’. The experience Desmond had obviously was not a normal flashback, but what he experienced after he turned the key. It really happened and he could use his future memories to make a different choice. Also they stated that the ‘flashback’ took place in 1996.

- Another thing about that episode was when Mrs. Hawkings said that everyone would die. According to Damon and Carlton, with everyone she meant everyone on the world, not just ‘her people’ or The Others or something like it.

- Carlton is a great banjo player. Really..

- Then they told about some things to come. First about the upcoming episode ‘A Stranger in a Strange Land’. In the promo’s it’s announced that three huge mysteries are being solved. Damon and Carlton however said that it’s a promo-stunt, and it really is about one huge mystery, the background on Jack’s tattoos. They also said that we would see Cindy and some other Tailies (teddybear-kid) again.

- Finally they said Rousseau won’t get her flashback until the fourth season. Rousseau knows a lot about the island, and that information would be very useful to the Losties. They think she’s crazy, so they won’t approach her about information soon. Carlton and Damon also hinted at a crossover, where Rousseau would appear in some other person’s flashback, probably during her sixteen years on the island. Maybe Ben’s?

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