April 28, 2007 – 7:12 pm

That was another amazing episode! We finally found out who’s the father of Sun’s baby, got another look at the Medical Hatch, and got some very confusing info from the parachutist.

So Jin really is the father of Suns baby. And this means Sun is going to die; at least that’s what Julliet thinks. But maybe Sun and Jin can save the Others, and bring a ‘cure’ for the disease. The fact that Jin was infertile might be important, and might be what saves Sun. At least we now know that Julliet was sent to the beach to find more people to experiment on. What kind of samples would she take to check if these women could bring a cure?

And then the cliff-hanger on the episode, “Flight 815, they found the plane, there were no survivors, they were all dead.” Holy crap! So what is going on? Did the Others replace the plane to make sure no one would look for survivors, or can the island really bring people back to life? Our good friend Patchy already died once this week, so maybe this is why he had no problem shooting Ms. Klugh?

Well, this really was a great episode, with enough stuff to theorize about!

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