Greatest Hits

May 16, 2007 – 10:17 pm

What a great episode to set up for the finale! We finally saw the real underwater hatch, and learned what “Through the Looking Glass” refers to. Did anybody catch the dharma logo on that hatch? We also finally were reunited with Rose and Bernard after a whole season in which they were never seen.

With this episode several things are coming together for the conclusion of the season. Which side will prevail in the fight, the others or the survivors? Will rescue finally arrive? Will John Locke return to kick Ben’s ass? Will Jacob take human form? Will Ezra James Sharkington make an appearance? Will the Hurley Bird squawk at Hurley again? And what is going to happen in that Looking Glass station? How are they going to make this last 3 more seasons?

One last question: Why couldn’t they just cut the wire?

Feel free to discuss all of these things in the comments below.

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  1. 10 Responses to “Greatest Hits”

  2. The Looking Glass Dharma Logo depicted a white rabbit.

    By Steve on May 16, 2007

  3. The logo’s really a white rabbit? That’s awesome..

    And I totally forgot next week’s episode is called through the Looking Glass. What do you guys think that station is for?

    And what were those people doing there?

    .. Very very cool episode!

    By Bas on May 17, 2007

  4. Why a White Rabbit and not a Red Herring? I have to wonder if The Looking Glass is everything we have been told it is (by a woman who seems to be out for herself and her sister alone) since we already know that at least one truth about this station was untrue. Also, why did Radinsky and Kelvin omit this station from the map? It seems unlikely that they would not know about it. Since we know that Ben and Co. will meet up with Jack and Co. on the way to the Radio Tower, I am begining to think that this may have been more of “The Others’” plan than the storming the beach. Or like the survivors, maybe they too had planned a multi-prong strike. Granted the “soldiers” seemed surprised to see Charlie, but I find it interesting enough that they were even there. One final thought, and I must say I know nothing of “jamming” technology, but why were Hurley and Sayid able to hear a radio station if the Island was being jammed. Or for that matter, how did Leonard or Toomey ever hear of the numbers? Nice catch on the logo, Steve!

    By Jop on May 17, 2007

  5. Recall that Kelvin and Radinsky’s map has a station-like object crossed out, plus two that are sort of pencilled in… Right now we have three stations/”stations” that aren’t on that diagram (the Hydra, the Looking Glass and “the Door”)… might those be what we’re seeing on that map?

    If so, I bet “the Door” or the Looking Glass is the crossed-out one.

    -Why “the Door”: the two guys might have mapped it, despite it not having an apparent purpose, because of the Dharma insignia. They probably later decided to later cross it out because in the end it had no purpose. This would leave the Looking Glass and Hydra as the pencilled-in stations; I doubt Kelvin and Radinsky were ever able to visit these stations, but might have known or heard something of their existence. Hence, their pencilled-in state.

    -Why the Looking Glass: Kelvin and Radinsky might have gotten a notification or found evidence of this “incident” that crippled the Looking Glass station. Thought to be unusable, it was crossed out.

    -Why not the Hydra? The Hydra seems to be a fully active station, unlike “the Door” and supposedly the Looking Glass. There seems to be little reason for it to be crossed out.

    By Andrew Trzaska on May 17, 2007

  6. A white rabbit. A common symbol on lost. I.e. Jacks dad, Bens, and could this just be some sort of trap? We know one tent will go blow up next week from a preview. I wonder why Hurley is a big part of next week? Maybe it is his flashback?

    By Brad on May 17, 2007

  7. I was thinking.. the station is called The Looking Glass and has a white rabbit for a symbol.. what if the station contains some portal to the outside world? The Others would use the submarine to get there, and that’s why Julliet was drugged when she was transported to the island.

    By Bas on May 17, 2007

  8. Both of the people that pulled a gun on Charlie in the Looking Glass station were women. Could all the people on the Looking glass station be women? On the run from Ben and others as they know what happens to the preganant women on the island.

    By Ben on May 20, 2007

  9. The final episode is Jacks flashback. Should be interesting!! Maybe one of the women in the Looking Glass is the girl we saw in Ben’s flashbacks before

    By Conor on May 22, 2007

  10. Have you ever read the stories “Through the Looking Glass” and “The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland”? They are both children’s books (Disney Based “Alice in Wonderland” off them). The stories have a theme of time moving in weird ways and portals connecting one world to the other. The looking glass in Lost is the thing that links the island to the main land, and many people are that theorizing time travel could be one of the islands secrets. Also in the stories there is the White Rabbit that leads Alice around. And then in Lost there is the episode called “White Rabbit”, where Jack chases his father around the island. What do you guys think about this?

    By Kem on Sep 8, 2007

  11. lmao cool story dude.

    By limewire on Apr 30, 2010

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