The Brig

May 2, 2007 – 11:52 pm
The Brig

Namaste new and faithful readers. You may have noticed a lull in our blog posting. I did try to fill the void with those long awaited fan films from nearly a year ago (and if you haven’t seen those, you better check them out right now). I am sure there were many factors that played into the lack of posting for each of the bloggers on this site but for me personally, my postings have diminished because I quit spoilers. Not so much the general ones, like who’s flashback episode is next, or what the premise of the next episode is, but the spoilers that reveal juicy details, for example just last week I heard a spoiler that parachute girl would tell the survivors that the wreckage of flight 815 was found and there were no survivors. If I hadn’t read that spoiler, then that would have been an amazing ending to the episode, but instead I knew it was coming. Therefore I’m steering clear of spoilers as Lost accelerates towards the season finale.

Tonight’s episode confirmed the very popular theory, that John Locke’s Dad was the original Sawyer. It was really no surprise since that theory has been around for a very long time but it was refreshing to see that plot line come to a conclusion. The second biggest thing in this episode was the contemplation of the revelation that flight 815 had no survivors, and the corroborating testimony from Locke’s father. Other than those two fairly big things, not much else was answered. The others are as nonsensical as ever, can someone tell me what those people do, well I guess they can’t tell us everything.

Some fans of Lost thrive on the characters and their relationships with each other, and while I do enjoy that aspect, I find that I’m much more interested in the mythology of the show, and especially the Dharma Initiative. Next week’s episode looks to be a revealing look at Dharma and I can’t wait! I’m interested to see just what will be revealed about Dharma, and how it may relate to what we saw during the Lost Experience.

So as I continue my withdrawal from spoiler addiction, I can feed on the excitement and anticipation of the last few episodes of the season, which I’m sure will be amazing.

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  2. I have also stopped reading spoilers. In the beginning of the season I already knew what was going to happen before I watched the episode. It was fun to get little bits of Lost through the week, but I’ve found it’s way more enjoyable to wait and just see what’s going to happen.

    Two weeks ago I had read that the parachutist was named Naomi, so I knew it wouldn’t be Penny. I think the episode would be cooler if I hadn’t known, because the whole episode was build to let the viewers (us) think that Penny had come to the island to rescue everyone.

    I’m really looking forward to next weeks episode. I want to stay spoilerfree, because I think it’ll be a great episode. I only know it’s a Ben flashback, which might show us more about the Dharma Initiative, and I just love the Dharma background!

    I really can’t wait! ^^

    By Bas on May 3, 2007

  3. I am starting to realize that spoiler free is the way to go. Some people are interested in the lost characters, some are interested in the Others. But I want to know about the Island. I think there are 3 sets of characters in the show. The losties, the others and the island. I think it would be cool to have a sort of Island flashback. In the brig we saw Cooper tied to an ancient pillar which ties in with the three toed statue……I can’t remember a show cooler than this……Cheers.

    By IronBull on May 5, 2007

  4. I believe we called that on April 7th, 2006: in the article “Anthony Cooper is the Original Sawyer?”

    I’ve quit spoilers too. It’s been tough to avoid them with people talking around me. I live for Wednesdays.

    By Rob on May 5, 2007

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