Summer News

September 14, 2007 – 10:04 pm
Summer News

Hi guys I’m a new blogger on this site…. I hope I can help my fellow lostaways get some answers for their favourite show! (now keep in mind… I am Australian, so before you make wise cracks about my spelling- we actually do spell them that way down under).

Ok… there has been quite alack of news going round this site over the (Australian) Winter, so just in case you are looking to get up to speed, I’ll hit you guys up with some news, new theories, ideas etc.

First of all, there was a bunch of news in July given at the 2007 Comic Con meeting, in regard to where the show is going in 2008 (season 4). This culminated in the long-anticipated ”Lost” panel with J.J. Abrams and Carlton Cuse. I’m going to be possibly giving some information away, so if you want to be totally surprised next year (i will be either way, I know!), stop reading now. My sources for this info are the lostpedia blog ( and Comic Con news from TheTailSection (, who had correspondents actually live at the even- needless to say this info is definitely reliable. Note that some info will be quoted.

Ok… so this is what we have learned about season 4:

  • Michael will return in Season 4 as a regular cast member once again, though how and when during the Season he will appear is unknown.
  • There will be many more flash forwards in coming episodes as well as flashbacks. Flashforwards will be difficult to plot on a timeline, with some occurring a year later, five years later, perhaps even ten years later
    (NOTE: this way confirmed even further by an interview with , the actor playing charlie which was run in Australia exclusively after the s3 finale, when he agreed the ‘flashforward’ would be a technique now used as often, if not more that the flash back: check the interview out at )
  • Jack and Claire will discover their relation (wow… like mind blowing!).
  • Ben was caught by Rousseau’s trap in Season 2 accidentally, and we will learn how and why during Season 4.
  • Getting off the Island is not the end of the story for the Losties.
  • No Lost Experience will happen this hiatus but its “looking good” that they’ll be another one during the S4-S5 gap.
  • Richard Alpert may not appear next season or at least in a much more limited capacity (presumably due to other commitments?)
    No title for the Season 4 premiere just yet.
  • Libby’s absence in S3 was not intentional, she’ll be appearing in S4.

  • It was stated that Cerberus (on blast door map) is one name for the Monster, but then again the Monster goes by many names. They also said that information about the Monster will be given, such as its origins, but the answers might not be answers we expect or construe as concrete explanations.
  • A Rousseau flashback will occur either in S4 or if not definitely S5. The reason for the delays is that her flashback will coincide with a major plot line about the mysteries of the Island, and the writers were unsure whether that plot line would be addressed this coming Season.
  • It was hinted that Lost Season 4 may be shown on Fridays in the US. Carlton Cuse commented that it would be nice to go home after work on a Friday and watch Lost.
  • As a final surprise, the guys showed what many of us believe to be the first of the long-awaited mobisodes… A new Orientation film! Hosted by Dr Edgar Hallowax, another name for ol’ Marvin Candle, he introduces the video as the Orientation for Station 6 – THE ORCHID. Yes, you read that right. He goes on to say that, “By now, you would know that the station is not a botanical research station as you had believed…” He picks up a white rabbit, and the cameraman tells him to hold it facing the other way – so that the 15 on it’s side will show. The sounds of the hatch timer going haywire begins, as does what appears to be an earthquake… Candle, his assistant and the cameraman recoil in shock at the presence of another white bunny, high on a shelf, with the identical number and markings! Smash to black. I’m pretty sure this is pre-incident, as he had full use of both his arms… During the video, GOD LOVES YOU AS HE LOVED JACOB flashes twice, as well as the upside down image of a gorilla riding a bicycle…
  • Finally, it has been hinted by Lindleoff that Libby may have been working for DHARMA!

WOW! Ok, now with that out of the way, lets tackle some other business. I am now going to point out some clues that you may or may not have noticed throughout Season three, starting from the beginning. Here we go… (numbers are ep numbers):

“A tale of two cities”

The Others have modern clothes and living arrangements.
Tom calls Ben “he” and “him” twice to Kate. I think this is a clue that Ben is the him, in other words, the man in charge.
Yet another hatch is found, The Hydra, yet, like the others it is not being used for it’s original purpose.
The Hydra was used for sharks and dolphins (according to Juliet) and the cages Kate and Sawyer were in were used for bears (according to Tom)
“The Glass Ballerina”
The glass ballerina that Sun broke represented her vulnerability and showed us that she has been a liar for a very long time.
Colleen acted very jealous when she found Ben and Juliet talking in the Hydra
Alex said that Kate wasn’t even supposed to be in that cage. Where was Kate supposed to be? In the Hydra with Jack? Is this because she said Sawyer’s name first during her breakfast with Ben

“Further Instructions”
The woman Eddie and Locke spoke of at the commune was called Lizzy. Could this be Libby, whom introduced herself as Elizabeth to Desmond
In Locke’s vision, Boone says, “I think Sayid’s got it,” while Sayid talks to Jin and Sun. This could mean that Sayid will get them safely back to the main beach, or it could mean that he will save their marriage.
What was a Tonka Truck doing in that bear cave? Did some of the Others used to live there before the bears? Or perhaps it was someone that was stranded on the island and living in the cave

“Every man for himself”:
The bears were held in cages on the second island, but yet showed up on the first island. They had to get there somehow and it’s not likely that they swam. The two islands must somehow be connected, perhaps there is a passageway under the ocean.
With all the equipment that the Others have, how come they don’t have a new defibrillator?

“The Cost of Living”
When Eko sees the thugs in the jungle, one of them is missing an arm. Later, we see in his flashbacks that he cuts the arm off of one of them. Missing limb’s is a recurring theme (Dr. Marvin Candle had a prosthetic, Kate’s farmer had a prosthetic, the australian women in Hurley’s flashback). Missing a limb may have something to do with the island’s mysteries.

“I Do”:
The fugitive recovery paperwork that Kevin works on probably has something to do with Sawyer, since he was in that area

“Not In Portland”:
On Juliet’s sister’s nightstand if a fung shui (Dharma symbol) map.
Dr. Alpert wants Juliet to work for Mittelos BioScience. Mittelos is an anagram for Lost Time. Another reference to time was when Aldo was reading the book “A Brief History of Time” by Stephen Hawking
Juliet has been on the island since four days before the 9/11 attacks, based on how long she told Jack she’d been on the island and the fact that in episode 2, ( The Glass Ballerina), Ben gave Jack that day’s date, November 29, 2004.

“Flashes before your eyes”:
When Desmond first wakes up in his flat, with red paint all around him, there are two stones on the table by his feet. These may be the same black and white stones that Jack found in a pouch with the two skeletons “Adam and Eve” in the caves
In Charles Widmore’s office, Desmond looks at a painting of a polar bear. Across the top of the painting is the word, Namaste, backwards (associated with the Hanso Foundation). There is also an upside down Buddha statue in front of the polar bear.
Another picture in Charles Widmore’s office is the same picture that Thomas, Claire’s boyfriend, painted
Desmond has been on the island for three years, about the same amount of time as Juliet.
Why were the clocks in the pawn shop all set to different times?
Desmond and Penny got their picture taken, Desmond had the picture, and Penny stormed off. We also saw Desmond with it on the island. So how did it get on Penny’s nightstand (as shown in the s3 finale)?

“Stranger in a strange land”:
Karl has never heard of The Brady Bunch, so it looks like he has been on the island most, if not his whole, life
The Chinese writing on Jack’s tattoo says: He walks amongst us, but he is not one of us. Jack says that’s what they say, but that’s not what they mean.
When Sawyer asks Kate what she thinks Ben would do if they went back to the smaller island, Karl says, “Kill you. God loves you as he loved Jacob.”

“Tricia Takana is Dead”
Hurley’s father’s name is David, Hurley’s imaginary friend’s name is Dave.
A rosary hangs on the mirror of the bus.
The song that plays in the bus when they get it started is the same song that young Hurley was listening to when his father first left. The song is “Shambala”, released in 1973 by Three Dog Night
Watch this space…. there will be more coming…
Ok so finally, here is a starting issue I would like to hear some info/theories about….:

The meaning of the mark Isabel gave Juliet at the trial
There we go…. first post and feeling strong! Get that info flow goin guys! lets get hyped of S4!



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  1. 6 Responses to “Summer News”

  2. Namaste! Thank goodness someone else is still blogging on this site; I was starving to death! My new friend, I LOVED the new thoughts and fodder (I had followed the conic-con as well and was trying to make sense out of The Orchid and its meaning). I have just a few quick responses for now, but I do hope that you will continue to theorize, hunt the Easter eggs and post your findings! Welcome

    *Nestor, the actor who plays Richard Alpert, has got a very big part in a new show with Jimmy Smitts called Cane. I am sorry to say, we probably will only get to see him a few more times. I just hope that time is used to explain his unending late 30′s and the meaning behind his conversation with Locke (remember that Richard claimed that the fertility project was not something that the Others were concerned with until Ben). Plus, I want to see this temple; did the gods of this temple have 4 toes?

    *Polar bears are amazing swimmers… but I know nothing of their fascination with Tonka. It is a great point that the cave had a “lived in” feel to it

    *damn fine question about the Penny and Des picture! I had never thought about that, but yes, how is the same picture in 2 places at once? One might argue that they made copies but I am pretty sure that the picture was taken @ the end of their relationship. So how come they both have a copy? If Penny doesn’t know this Nadia, does that mean there are 3 versions of this picture out there (someone should put a “15″ on that picture)?

    *Isabel, the town Sheriff… who IS this person and what is her function?!? Where has she been before and since?!? Why would she be branding people with a Dharma-esque logo (it is surely based on the same Bagua design) if the “Others” are NOT connected with Dharma?!? She too was missing from the exodus out of the village

    *Thanks for the line from Karl, but it makes me wonder: how old is Karl? I guess he couldn’t have been born on the Island but that brings up some good questions; since he is roughly the same age as Alex

    *I don’t remember the name of the Physicist, but I read a great article about time travel loosely based on Hawking’s work. It pointed out that it is not the science that we lack for time travel, it is the physicallity. To truly “be aware” of one’s own trip throught time, you would have to be at one with yourself now, yourself then, and the new you that both awarenesses created. It requires thinking and awareness of a 4th dimensional level. It’s not that we can’t time travel… it’s that we would never know that we had. When Des travels, it seems to be just his awra?

    *Charlie is different in Flashes before your Eyes than he is in Greatest Hits (note the guitar case). I have no idea what this means but it feels important. In fact, as you noted, a great deal of Des’ flashback was “peppered” with elements of the Island. The question is: were they always there or did Des bring these things with him when he went back?

    I have much more to ponder and would love to hear more from you. I forget what my name is quite often, so just in case : Jop/Jared/H.Scorpio are all the same voice. There reamins one more thing that you pointed out and I have to be honest in telling you that I have no idea what I think about Cerebus. Yes, I mentioned these “benevolent” visions (I am very stuck on the appearence of Ben’s mom in the compound… wearing the same outfit she was in the only picture Ben has of her. Plus, Richard seemed to think this meant that it wasn’t “time” for Ben to join them yet) but after re-watching The Cost of Living, I have to admit that the “Yemi” sure did seem to be malicious toward Eko. Eh… qua? Your thoughts on this matter would be great! Aside from “Yemi,” every “ghost” has aided the survivors. Again, thanks for your thoughts!

    By Jared on Sep 21, 2007

  3. In regard to Isabel, the directors have stated that she has died without further explanation. Hopefully we will find out how she died and why.

    My theory is that Charles Widmore is either funding the Dharma Initiative or is atleast somepart of it. 1) Sun’s pregnancy test box had Widmore Labs written by the Dharma sign. 2) How did Penny just happen to be on that same frequency just as Charlie flipped the switch.

    I don’t know what to think about the “benevolent” visions. They are still a big mystery of the Island. It maybe that Jacob, or the monster, is appearing to those individuals as relatives that they had always wanted the approval of.

    By Loster on Oct 3, 2007

  4. alryte, i’m a great fan of lost and am always looking for news. so i agree with loster on the monster thing. i would like to think that all the people who might be connected among each other even through coincidence are still alive. so lets focus on the s3 finale. who do u think is dead whom jack has gone to see? i think its the boyfriend or husband of his ex wife. ok if my memory is good, i think i’ve read it somewhere on the net that lost has a happy endind. what could that be? and one last thing, there’s 1 episode in s3 where all the rescuers of the flight are infront of jack, the one where he talks with cindy, the air hostess. the latter says that they are here to watch. BOY, that’s also a big mystery. plz clarify these things if u can. thx

    By pravesh on Nov 23, 2007

  5. When Michael was saying goodbye to walt when his mom was leaving the country, Michael gave Walt a small white stuffed polar bear as a present. Michael held it a short time and then put it inside the bag that either Walt or his mom took at that time. When I watched that episode I wondered why Michael didn’t just give him a teddy bear?

    By Cathy on Feb 28, 2008

  6. I really need to catchup and start watching lost again, does anyone recommend any dvd sets?


    By Jamie on Mar 2, 2009

  7. Oh man, lost is so terrific I love it and can’t seem to get enough. Bring on the fog monsters!!!

    By Andrew on Sep 3, 2009

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