New Lost Season 4 Promo (Updated)

December 11, 2007 – 10:18 pm

A new Lost Season 4 promo has surfaced at Screenvision and NCM movie theaters here in the US. Luckily it has been posted to youtube so we can all enjoy it. So check it out and give us your thoughts.

(Updated, new high quality video.)

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  1. 9 Responses to “New Lost Season 4 Promo (Updated)”

  2. Woah! At about 0:24 I saw Charlie, not from the other seasons though!!! :)

    By Brad on Dec 14, 2007

  3. I just read that Lost Season 4 will start Jan. 31. That’s earlier than expected right? I just hope that the Writers Strike won’t affect this season too much. It would really suck if they should make an ending like Heroes season 2..

    So far only eight of the promised twelve episodes have been shot.. so if the Strike doesn’t end soon (and it doesn’t seem like it will) we’ll have an unfinished season. So would you guys rather have a Heroes-esque new ending.. or just have the new season postponed untill the strike ends?

    By Bas on Dec 14, 2007

  4. update timer!!! ^_^

    By mamba on Dec 15, 2007

  5. Timer has been updated to reflect the new time slot!

    I haven’t been hearing much about the strike, it seems to be at a stand still. I’d really like it to be resolved but even if it was resolved tomorrow they would be under a lot of pressure to write, shoot, edit, compose music, ect. the remaining 8 episodes (last 3 seasons are supposed to be 16 episodes each) if they wanted them to air according to the original schedule. Who knows, we could have Lost over the summer, or season 5 could be lengthened to 24 episodes like the first 3 seasons, or the show could go into a 7th zombie season in 2011.

    By Steve on Dec 15, 2007

  6. I heard that the writers were considering a mid-season hiatus either after 8 episodes (because thats all they’ve shot) or after 6 episodes (because that would be a more natural place in the series’ storyline to allow a break). Anywho I guess we’ll have to just wait and see!

    By Colby on Dec 24, 2007

  7. I understand the WGA strike and I have no desire to take sides or cry out “Enough is Enough.” These issues are for much wiser folks than I to decide.

    HOWEVER… there has been MORE than adequate time to finish an 11 episode season by now (and 11 episodes is already a kick in the pants). If in fact we have another hiatus on the way (remember the promise of 11 all new episodes back to back?), I fear that Lost will have an impossible task on its hands when it comes to recapturing viewers. I will be more than happy to continue waiting and watching… but I have no life. Someone who still lives life to the fullest will not have time or patience enough to follow a show that does a half a dozen episodes every year (and with my lack of a life, I feel it is my responsibility to complain on behalf of those with lives). I love the show, I am thrilled with the new spin and excited to see how it plays out this season but I do hope that those with the power take the time to check out these blogs. Keeping the fans waiting like this for 1/3 of a season will KILL EVERY PERSON ON THIS ISLAND! There is nothing to be done now with the strike in effect but when the time comes for the clacker to start the action in Hawaii, AIM HIGH! Try for 24 episodes and an October start date…. that way, 12 or 13 by February shouldn’t be a problem. If it is an actor issue, well, pull a Lord of the Rings and shoot it all now. That way, the next time a strike hits, you will be sitting pretty with plenty of new epsiodes in the can. Again, no disrespect and I realize that there are many issues I am not privy to… this is just a concearned fan trying to throw a SAT phone to some friends.

    That being said, great trailer and it’s about time to we got a glimpse of what Walt was doing to make The Others so nervous in the service! Is it just a koinky dink that this place has an electromagnetic anomoly and Walt has the ability to “re-direct” birds in flight (I assume by messing up their internal electromagnetic navigation)? The last time we saw him do this, he was angry. I’m guessing he also had a lot of pent up rage while being held captive. Electromagnetics and pent up energy… there is a theme forming here (ummmm, it’s good to theorize again).

    Welcome back, friends!

    By Jared on Dec 27, 2007

  8. What was the deal with Jacks dead dad on the boat telling Walts dad he could go now? Are the dads still alive? HAY! Why was dad doc Shepered in the cabin with Clair any way?

    By Grant on Jun 19, 2008

  9. doc sheperd is with clair because he is in love with her,, I realy dont understand too much this show.. :S

    By josue on Dec 5, 2008

  10. Dude, that’s his half sister.

    By Steve on Dec 6, 2008

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