There’s No Place Like Home

May 29, 2008 – 10:17 pm
There's No Place Like Home

We obviously are horrible bloggers. But that certainly was an awesome finale. Discuss it here if you wish.

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  1. 30 Responses to “There’s No Place Like Home”

  2. So this Jeremy Bentham dead guy…when they showed the guy in the coffin…wasn’t it Locke?

    By Amaya on May 30, 2008

  3. Best. Episode. Ever.

    Juliet is a drunk!

    By The Bladed Fish on May 30, 2008

  4. Finally, no more Sun & Jin episodes.

    By Steven on May 30, 2008

  5. It was Locke.
    In the alternate endings, one was Sawyer, and the other was Desmond.

    Anyways, I think Sun went to see Charles Widmore because she NEEDS to get back to the Island. I believe that Jeremy Bentham paid her a visit, and told her that Jin is still alive. It would certain explain why they have “Common” interests.

    Hurley playing Chess with Mr. Eko was the best.

    By Kale on May 30, 2008

  6. Actually I’m thinking Jin is still alive.

    By Barbara on May 30, 2008

  7. yes it was Locke

    By Anonymous on May 30, 2008

  8. i cant believe this blog is still runnig

    By will kempner on May 31, 2008

  9. It’s really not, I think we might just get rid of the blog part.

    By Steve on May 31, 2008

  10. I am hooked over and over again. This is by far the best and most compelling show I have ever seen. It just gets better. I can’t wait for next season.
    Questions to watch out for?
    Is Jin Dead? Really?
    Will there be a Sawyer / Juliette affair?
    What did Sawyer tell Kate?
    What does Jack have to feel guilty about?
    How did Locke get off the island?
    What exactly is Ben up to? Does he even know?
    What does Sun’s father have to do with all of this?
    But most important are…
    What happened to the ones left on the island?
    and How the hell are the oceanic six suppose to find the island now that it has disappeared?
    I love this show

    By Lynny on May 31, 2008

  11. but steve if u get rid of the blog then what else would this site be?

    By Will Kempner on Jun 1, 2008

  12. The site would focus on tools that help enhance enjoyment of the show. Right now we have the blast door map, which is not very relevant anymore, and the countdown timer which continues to serve its purpose. I have a few ideas of new things to create and would love to try new ones if anyone else has ideas. Maybe we’ll keep the blog, just make the blog a bit less front and center, our blog doesn’t come close to competing with the other great lost blogs out there.

    By Steve on Jun 1, 2008

  13. THE SECRETS OF LOST REVEALED HERE! I BELIEVE the island is a metaphor for a hemmorhoid that when it disappears makes the owner so happy that it’s like leaving purgatory for heaven. The black smoke is a metaphor for flatulence with it’s scary noise that bristles by people and leaves a killer stench. I also feel strongly that John locke is, rather than being a reference to the 17th century philospher, ia an actual homage to Uncle fester of the Addams family. Does anyone agree with me?

    By Carl Jung on Jun 1, 2008

  14. yeah i saw the season finale of lost 3 hours ago and i liked very much…its not like the finale of season 3 but its really good….be patient guys 240 days to go…and lost will be back..

    By gregory on Jun 3, 2008

  15. Just a thought. Just because Locke is dead, it does not mean he is out of the show. Charlie, Christian and Claire have made appearances after death. Both Claire and Christian’s bodies remain on the island. So I wonder if Jack brings everyone back to the island including Locke’s body, that Locke will appear on the Island after death, like Claire, Christian and Charlie.

    By Martin on Jun 5, 2008

  16. In the helicopter Sawyer tells Kate “I have a daughter in Albuquerque. If you find her, tell her I’m sorry”.

    By Martin on Jun 5, 2008

  17. I also think were going to be seeing what happened on the island between the time it moved and when Locke visited the Oceanic 6. There is now way the writers would just skip what went on for three years on the island.

    By Barbara on Jun 7, 2008

  18. umm sun has common intrest with charles widmore because ben is the reason the bombs went off on the boat and sun found when locke came back and talked to them all… so in the end sun and witmore want john dead… jin is dead end of story..

    By Javi on Jun 9, 2008

  19. They’d want Ben dead, not John.

    By jinjawinger on Jun 9, 2008

  20. I think the Dharma project is a homage to the Jethro Tull song entitled “DHARMA FOR ONE” off the “THIS WAS” cd.

    By Carl Jung on Jun 10, 2008

  21. at what point in the show did you see Clare getting killed Martin as I don’t recall seeing her die?? I remember her waking up and walking off in the middle of the night????

    By radetagean on Jun 11, 2008

  22. radetagean

    Explain what hapened to Claire in your opinion! What does it mean to be “dead” on the island anyway? Tell me what you think happened then!
    Ok, maybe she’s not dead but her physcal presence remains on the island. And she is into astrology. Maybe the island enables astral projection of her spirit. My theory as to how she appeared in Kate’s bedroom. Add a counter theory as to what is happening. By the way, I feel negativity from you with all the ? you used.

    By Martin on Jun 12, 2008

  23. I feel negativity from Claire.

    By Carl Jung on Jun 12, 2008

  24. Ben killed him self to get every body back on the island….

    I still want to know about the 4 toes….

    By jason on Jun 13, 2008

  25. All of the Simpsons have 4 toes & 4 fingers due to a unique biological defect found only in yellow people.

    By Carl Jung on Jun 16, 2008

  26. Ok,
    -they need to take Locke to the island, so he will live again, in some way, it could happend.
    -Jin is still alive, he jump into the water before the ship explodes, and then he swims to the island, still diont know how but he can find the island
    I have this doubt, what about the character that Nestor Carbonell plays? He is always young! Since Locke was a child till today! How he can do that?
    Thats the power of the island!
    All return to the island fot the others and I mean all the survivors from the crash
    well, thats what I am guesssing about next season

    By Sally on Jul 7, 2008

  27. I blogged about your timer and map today. Good stuff! Thanks for making it available.

    By Lostaway Bonnie on Aug 25, 2008

  28. i think everything happend for a reaseon

    By 12309i123dsaijsajdaksda on Dec 5, 2008

  29. Erm, im confused with whether claire is dead or not?
    because she could either be dead, which makes sense cuz she appears in kate’s room, and she’s with kristian in the cabin who we know is dead or she could be alive, but sort of taken by the island, does that make sense ?

    And yeahh the random richard guy is always young! which is weird and confusing, cuz everyone else seems to get older, like ben grew up.

    The island didnt disapear, it just moved to a different place, so maybe it can be found on a different bareing?

    where did rose and benard go ? am i being silly and forgettin or did it not show that?

    By Beth on Jan 5, 2009

  30. pongon videos

    By Anonymous on Aug 20, 2009

  31. God film The best episode ever

    I love this episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By on Dec 13, 2009

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