I did not have several couchsurfing arrangements when I in progress my hitchhiking trip from end to end Germany

March 22, 2013 – 10:10 am

I did not have some couchsurfing arrangements when I happening my hitchhiking trip from beginning to end Germany, thus I tried it in an additional way to locate accommodations. I visited several minor towns in the Northern part of Germany, and it was forever potential to locate accommodation in churches. Partly I followed an 850 km pilgrimage path which starts by the German Shine border and ends in Münster shut to the Dutch border. Along this pilgrimage path you can locate accommodations for the pilgrims which I second-hand in quite a lot of cases. After leaving this path I set up a place in a shelter meant for travelers in a new tiny municipality in Northern Germany after contacting the restricted member of the clergy. Finally I here in Flensburg, a full-size municipality lock to the Danish border except it was not probable to discover a place in a church here, consequently I wrecked up and about in a shelter meant for destitute citizens where I used up more than a few nights. During this shelter I common my room with Maurice, an 18 year aged young man who lived there before now designed for one and a partly month and who told me his story and asked me for some suggestion. I had the impression that he was enthusiastic to convey his life reverse lying on path. Hitchhiking in Germany was not consequently terrible though it is easier in Poland otherwise in Lithuania, and it happened several times that drivers helped me with tiny amounts of money or else with food. A crisis I faced in Germany was to get without charge internet access. Within most suitcases you have to disburse when you utilize the internet in libraries, and you can come across here only hardly any and elderly computers, thus I frequently had to wait to get a free lay. I missing Germany after not as much of than two weeks, Denmark was waiting designed for me …

Stay tuned – there is added to come … See also: Hotel in Bydgoszcz

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